clutching for neon with a neon clutch

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H&M sweater (similarsimilar) | Zara boyfriend jeans (similarsimilar) | Aldo capecoral heels (similar), neon clutch (similar, similar) | Tiffany & Co infinity bracelet | Marc by Marc sunnies (similar, similar)| Michael Kors watch (similar)

Yes, I really did post that last picture of myself, and captioned it with “huk huk huk.” There are a few things going on here. I was 1) making it difficult for the photographer to take a nice photo 2) giving the photographer opportunities to blackmail me 3) secretly working on my abs 4) avoiding the crawling ants on the log 5) pretending to be a flipped over cockroach. At one point, I might have started riding an air bicycle too.

Anyways, what I really wanted to say before I got sidetracked was that this neon yellow clutch was a pretty good purchase. It makes the outfit. Just picture this: same outfit, same accessories, nude bag. Boring. Black bag. F*ck. Blue bag. Alright. Neon bag. AW, shit! Am I right?

BTW, I’m super excited to be….. STARTING MANDARIN CLASS THIS WEDNESDAY! Emma and I are going to nǐ hǎo you so well you’re going to be freaking amazed. 對吗?

And I’m also super excited to be….. GOING TO MONTREAL AND NY THIS WEEK! For the first time, EVER. Hell yeah. How jealous are you? Humor me and say very. Thanks.




Photos: Bubby

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pastels in my reality

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Zara peach top (similar), mint pants (similar) | Aldo capecoral pumps, necklace (similar) | H&M fringe hobo bag | Dior sunglasses (similar) | BCBG spike bracelet | Michael Kors watch (similar)

I first saw this beautiful mural of Science World on Alicia Fashionista, and then again on So, being naturally drawn to pretty things, I had to find it. And by find, I really mean find. It’s a shame that such a pretty mural (which I’m sure took a long time to create) is hidden between buildings, on a small street, above a parking lot. What? Exactly.

It’s been a week since I’ve been back in Vancouver and I’m starting to get back into the grind. Back to reality. I started work on Tuesday (at a “new” company) and I get the privilege to work from home from time to time. Which is awesome, yet dangerous. You’d go crazy too if you were cooped up in a pink messy room for 8 hours with no one to talk to.

And within a week of being back, I’ve converted…. to an iPhone! So now I can instagram, face time, skype, and use my horrid Chinese writing skills on poor, unfortunate friends. And no, I don’t miss BBM. In all honesty, it’s like an annoying, unnecessary bother at times. And now that I’ve disappeared, it feels like a burden has been lifted! So If you don’t hear from me, it’s because I don’t want to talk to you. :)



PS. If you’re looking for the mural, you can find it on 45 East 8th Avenue, just off Quebec Street.


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Bringing Fake LA to Asia

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Top c/o Fake LA | Zara cardigan (similar) | DIY Studded Shorts | Seychelles Wildlife Booties | Hello Kitty Swarovski necklace | ASOS spike bracelet | Accessorize Bow Ring (similar) | Michael Kors watch (similar) | Gucci Bag

Sorry for the not so good quality of photos, but I had to improvise with the little resources I had… as in no photographer, no tripod, no mirror and poor lighting. But I did okay right?

I finally had a chance to do an outfit post with this awesomely cool tee that was sent to me by Fake LA. It’s one of the most luxurious and soft casual tee’s I’ve ever worn and I love the unique cowl back it has. Since their launch, Fake LA has gained a large following by celebrities and trendsetters and can be found in one of my favorite boutiques in LA — Kitson! If you have a moment, check out the rest of their tees for men and women on their site.

On another note, do you guys remember the store Accessorize? It was kind of like a Claire’s and Icing, but I don’t think it’s anywhere in Vancouver anymore. Anyway, the store is everywhere in Taipei and I find it pretty pricey. But I had to get that pink bow ring in my photo. I don’t know why. It’s so childish… and Asian. But I love!

I hope everybunny’s been enjoying their weeks and weekends! I’ve been in Taipei for just over 2 weeks now and I’m going to HK on Thursday. This trip is going by so quickly, I don’t want it to end!



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The Color Tangerine: How to Wear It

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Just like how all the cool kids back in my day (because I’m so old now) were taking online college classes in school (so they can skip out on actually being in class and fall victim to procrastination) the color tangerine can kind of do the same — easily give you what you need (style), so you can focus on other things (boys).

Tangerine has been named one of the it colors this year, and spring marks a great season to add this color to your wardrobe. Although this bright color adds a pop of happiness to your outfit, it can be intimidating and may be fatal to the weak. But, it does look damn good. Want to see how you can make this trend work for you?

The Cambridge Satchel Company Leather Fluro Satchel 14″, Winky Designs Slap Watch, Michael Kors – Bedford Large North/South Tote, Bauble Bar Tangelo Bib, ASOS Orange crystal keyhole round sunglasses, Forever21 Peaked Lapel Knit Blazer, Aldo Shuart Loafers

If you tend to shy away from bright colors, try adding just a pop of tangerine to your outfit. Bright orange handbags and accessories look great with neutrals, and tangerine also compliments shades of blue and gold beautifully. If you’re obsessed with shoes like me, try orange shoes with denim or khaki. You can also wear this color as a statement piece on your nails or jewelry. Adding tangerine in any one of these ways will definitely brighten up your outfit!

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can venture into wearing a bit more than just a pop of tangerine. Tangerine looks great on dark skin, olive skin, and fair skin tones, and since we’re moving into the warmer part of the year, one of the best places to wear tangerine is at the beach or pool, so get your tan on! An orange bathing suit makes a strong statement, and gives the skin a beachy glow. If the idea of orange Lycra scares you, try a tangerine-colored cover up. The flowy fabric looks especially great over navy or white bathing suits.

There are many other ways to bring tangerine into your everyday wardrobe. One great option is a tangerine trench coat. Brightly colored coats are a great hit in the spring, and a bold jacket like this can be worn on top of any outfit to really kick it up a notch. If you normally stick with wearing neutrals, tangerine outerwear is an easy way to incorporate color into your look. You? Boring? Never. Tangerine colored sweaters are also a good option and look great with jeans or neutral trousers. Try a tangerine t-shirt or tank-top under a neutral toned cardigan and if you’re a real tangerine lover, try rocking a dress in this tone. This is a real attention grabber, and looks good on most skin tones. Try pairing it with neutral shoes and gold jewelry. If you’re daring, tangerine shoes with a tangerine dress make a real statement.

Whether or not you’ll be taking some online classes or distance education courses, I assure you that incorporating tangerine into your wardrobe is much more fulfilling and exciting. So, to tangerine or not?



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