i’m obsessed with pants, not that I’m usually naked or anything


I am so obsessed with all the bold pants, patterned prints, florals and pastels everywhere! If I had a pair of pants in each style, I think I’d be pretty happy. That, plus these bold clutches I also said I’d be set for spring with… if I had one of each. If I think of anything else I need, I’ll let you know. Besides, it’s all about making me happy, right?

J Brand 811 blueberry, Citizens of Humanity thompson mango, Rag & Bone vintage biscay

I can’t decide which pair of these bold, vibrant pants I love more. Just imagine a warm sunny day — bright pants, loose boyfriend top. A pair of pumps, some arm candy. Oversized sunnies and a sun kissed glow. Perfection.

Current/Elliot haystack floral, Citizens of Humantiy mandyJ Brand empress, H&M floral trousers, J Brand heaven

Florals. It’s not like the first time they’ve made an appearance, but it gets bigger and better each time. I was gifted the black H&M pants above (again, from the stylish straight guy). I’ve worn them a few times, and people tend to stare. But I don’t really care. They’re awesome, and due for an outfit post. I covet the J Brand empress pink and black pair. Those, paired with an chambray top, which I still have yet to get my hands on.

Topshop moto lime jamie, Rag & Bone peach holes, J Brand 811 soft lilac, TopShop moto cloud leigh, J Brand 811 sherbert

On the other end of the spectrum from the vibrant colored pants are soft, pastels… which I’m also swooning over. Give me a pair of these with some wedges, a cropped top and tousled hair and I’ll do anything you want. I’m dying for a mint pair, so if anyone knows where to get them, um, holla. Random thought — these remind me of Easter eggs.

H&M x Versace, Current/Elliot stiletto neon leopard,
TopShop Hawaiian floral trousers, Rag & Bone Goetz

 When the H&M x Versace collection first came out, I thought these pants were insane. They’re still insane, and obnoxiously loud. I want them. If wearing floral pants gets you stares, I can guarantee you that people will be gawking at you. Like you’re insane. Which you are. I mean, have you looked at the pants you’re wearing? What I love about these printed pants is that you don’t need to think about coordinating anything else with your outfit. Keep the rest simple, and you’ll still be ridiculously stylish. But, if your’e brave and bold — mixing different patterns is such an awesome look. I’d gawk at you. Just make sure it’s not because you’re an eye sore.

So, are you as obsessed with these spring/summer pant trends as I am??



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  1. LC #

    i want citron jeans so bad but i`m on this stupid ban! i love the idea of all the pastel jeans, but whenever i put them on..it`s instant thunder thighs. sighs.

  2. Nieszka #

    I agree! I love the bold colored pants too!! I couldn’t decide which ones to get either, so I kinda got a bunch over the last month or so – red, green, blue, purple, coral- oops!! ;)


  3. JC #

    I’m not much of a pants girl (mainly because I think skirts & dresses are more comfortable) but the bright colors & patterns that have been coming out lately have actually tempted me to pick up a couple bright colored solids. :D Really adoring the pastels you posted!

  4. 4

    Argh I’m with you on this trend girl. I’ve been rocking the bright blue for awhile, so I can attest to the versatility of those! I just can’t decide on whether I want bright or pastel either – probably whichever I can get my hands on first. Try the Bay for the Material Girl ones – they have some killer brights there and only $29!

  5. 5

    Loving these trends…did some posts on them too :)

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  6. 6

    Loveee the colored jeans. The florals pants are definitely a statement but a fashionable one! – xo

  7. 7

    Hi hun, I still have not been brave enough to pick up a pair of pastel pink trousers! I hope to muster up the courage sometime. Right now, I’m eyeing up a pair of mint jeans :)

    I’ve just tagged you on my blog. Find out more details on my post! xx

  8. 8

    I’m glad you mentioend Easter eggs, I got a craving for robin eggs–which I don;t really like that much, but are an Easter tradition.

    I like the idea of not needing to coordinate with the last set of pants, because I can’t do that. There are a lot of solid white and blue dress shirts in my wardrobe so that I won’t have to think about ties matching shirts when I’m getting ready for work in the morning.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  9. KT #

    This post makes me want to buy all of those pants!!! :)

  10. Cindy #

    There were pastel color Jeans at Guess, I purchased a green mint one! Havent try to style it yet. Love the blog! Always uptodate with fashion

  11. Tyra #

    How can I order a pair of the jeans

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