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She is Clothing T-Shirt | Sammy Dress Skirt | olive+piper jewelry |  H&M Shoes 

I haven’t decided if I’m into skirts or not. Although they’re feminine and fun to wear, I don’t particularly like how my gorgeously long  and lean Victoria’s  Secret legs look in them. Ha, I wish. But, this skirt is pretty adorable, isn’t it? And it’s also $11 from Sammy Dress…. along with a closet full of inexpensive items.

And if you’re wondering where you may have spotted this t-shirt from before, it’s designed by the pretty Kimberly of She is Clothing in Vancouver! Her brand is all about positivity and strength in women, and she has the most inspiration instagram account. I totally love it.



Photos: Bubby

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Black and White


black and white outfit 2

olive and piper liberty necklace

club monaco top

black and white outfit

Club Monaco top, jacket | Taipei Market skirt | Aldo Shoes | olive + piper Liberty necklace

I’m a late bloomer when it comes to wearing black and white. You may find it odd, but I’ve never been a fan of how black looked on me. I always opted for color, white and nudes…. but I think I’m starting to love black and I think it’s a reflection of me slowly getting older and obviously maturing. Plus, sometimes, I feel pretty fabulous in it. I’m also really excited that it’s warm and sunny out – I get to wear my black over-sized sunnies. Cue the paparrazzi.

On another note, this is my patio. I obviously haven’t set it up yet because as soon as I do, it’s going to rain for a week. But I’m looking for some ideas to spruce up the space… like pink flamingos and potted plants. But keep it frugal because I’ll only be able to use it for like, 2 months.

And by the way, between the first photo of me trying to model pop my collar and the last with the rolled up rug and pee stain on the floor, I couldn’t decide which was worse. So I just posted both.




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The olive + piper Wedding Shop

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olive and piper - wedding boutique dropped the bomb on Tuesday that olive + piper has launched their new wedding boutique… and o-totally-live it! (Did you get that? Because it was awesome.)

I’m not married, but I’ve seen the jewelry they have in bridal stores – from browsing online and shopping for a prom dress way back when. Not from secretly trying on dresses and pre-planning my wedding. I’m not crazy. And all I can say is…. ew? Here comes the bride, all dressed in tacky. I admit I wore jewelry of that low calibre for my prom (which was like about a decade ago) but things change and that classless jewelry should burn in hell. Did I mention, it’s also over-priced? A tacky crystal choker necklace for $75? Please.

Now that I’ve given you an idea of what you can expect to find in a bridal store, take a peek at olive + piper’s wedding boutique. The collection features on-trend fashion jewelry with breath-taking prices – all under $60 which is totally affordable.

So you can deck yourself out in jewels – and your MOH, bridesmaids and mother of the bride – at guilt-free prices. With all the expenses of throwing an awesome wedding, this is just one less wrinkle on your face.

Check out Lucky Magazine’s favorite picks from the collection along with these stunning photos from the wedding lookbook.

olive and piper wedding - statement necklaces

olive and piper wedding - ever after symphony bib

olive and piper wedding - elise necklace

olive and piper wedding - layered statement necklaces

olive and piper wedding - statement earrings

olive and piper wedding - the confetti and co

olive and piper wedding - truvelle

olive and piper wedding - vancouver

Yes, yes… this is a wedding collection, but I mean, who’s to stop you from indulging in these pieces if you’re not to be wed soon? I would totally wear the Ever After Symphony Bib or Elizabeth Crystal Necklace on a regular day with my uniform: jeans with a relaxed tee. I guess they’d dress up a cocktail dress pretty nicely too.



Credits: Pinball Photography | Ma-luxe  | Truvelle  | Confetti & Co.

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fresh like a Baby Dinosaur


Growing older does a lot of things to you.

Like making you “lame” – which I am totally not. So what if I have a blast staying in on Friday? I think you’re lame for having to strut around outside and spend hundreds of dollars drinking your face off and feeling like shit the next day.

Making everything that you easily spent money on before suddenly seem expensive. Leaking out accidental farts more frequently. (I’m not there yet, but I know from personal experience that it happens.) And a whole lot of other things that you’ll probably agree with if you’re like me: Best Things About Being in Your Late 20s.

As you get older, I feel like you also start realizing more than you need to take care of yourself. You can’t just eat all the junk you want – you will gain weight, and you will feel like shit. I’ve already started looking after my health, and my next thing is taking care of my skin.

We all know that as you age, your skin changes. I’m determined to learn how to take proper care of it so that I can look fresh like a pre-pubescent child. What do you mean I don’t look pre-pubescent?? Baby dinosaur? Yeah, I thought so.

So I’m trying to decide if I should get the Clarisonic skin cleansing system. It’s supposed to do an amazing job cleansing your skin and removing dirt and impurities much better so that your lotions, serums and creams are more effective.

clarisonic mia 2

The only thing is that it’s just a litttttttle bit pricy. And like I said, the older I get the more frugal I am! But I can also appreciate investing in it if it’s truly a great product. Plus, if it makes my skin smooth like a baby’s bottom, why not!

So, does anyone have this? Which one do you have? What do you think about it? How long do the brushes last? Do you use it with a cleanser? Does it feel nice? Is your skin soft? Do you look 5 years younger?





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