Floral Drink Ideas


Necklace by olive + piper

You know how you’re scrolling through your IG feed and you come across gorgeous photos of people having the most extravagant and decked out brunches or even weekend brunch at home? And you’re all like, what the hell ?? Well you can too. Really, really easily. All you need are a few colorful fruits, some flowers and pretty drinking glasses.

As soon as you chop open a grapefruit or orange and lay it beside a bunch of flowers, you’re 80% there. The next part is using them to garnish a yummy and refreshing drink. Before your start putting all sorts of nature and pesticides into your drinks, make sure that they’re clean – the best is to get edible flowers or organic flowers. The flowers here are not edible (unless you want to) and are only for making you look extra fancy.



Here’s the easy peasy drink we whipped up for this. It’s the perfect refreshment for a hot sunny day!


Blood orange San Pellegrino
Fresh grapefruit or orange juice
White wine
Mint leaves





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Easter Egg DIY



It’s muh birthday!! Easter is the best time of the year because it’s half a year away from my birth birthday so I never have to wait a full 365 days before I celebrate and get tons of presents. Plus, I don’t actually get a year older. Could you imagine? I’d be over 50 years old now. So, this is the best deal a bunnie could ask for. JUST KIDDING. In my mind though, this is all true.

Anyways, what kind of lame bunnie would I be if I didn’t decorate Easter eggs?? Which means, this is the first year I am not lame! The last time I did this was in elementary school… I think. I can’t remember if I ever made Easter eggs at home. Probably not. I come from an Asian family and that’s a waste of eggs.

So, I had much fun wasting eggs. Here are my Easter egg ideas and DIY creations for… my birthday. :)



  • Eggs – I boiled them rather than hollowing them out
  • Painter’s tape, stickers or stencils
  • Spray paint – preferably gold, or in pastels
  • Temporary tattoos (I used SnapTats)
  • Baker’s string, twine, hemp or thin ribbon
  • Nail polish (try metallics, glitter, pastels and white)



And… go! There’s not too much to it – you can make the prettiest egg just by painting it one solid color… like gold! Nail polish is awesome for making dots. If you can’t do that then I can’t help you. You can paint designs with polish – like you would with nail art – and even spray an egg with chalkboard paint. That, is really cool.







Hope you enjoy these as much as I do! Hoppy Easter everybunny!!



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Short Hair, Don’t care






Zara Wool Coat, denim | olive + piper Empress Studs, Anastasia necklace | Daniel Wellington Watch | Banana Republic Sweater | Sam and Libby Heels | Street Revel Bucket Bag | David Yurman sunglasses

Quite a few years ago, I graduated from school. And to celebrate my dorky science degree and initiation into the real world, I wanted a fresh new look. So I chopped off my hair. This is during the Rihanna-bob-hair era and it was totally cool. I loved it for a couple of weeks, and then I HATED it. I was stripped of my femininity and turned into an unattractive little boy. So I got extensions and wore them until all the hair practically all fell out and my weave was hanging off my head. I vowed never to cut my hair again.

Fast-forward to last month and I decided to chop my hair off… again. I don’t regret it yet. And I hope I won’t. But this time around, it’s been a totally different experience. It’s always been a toss up with short hair – some people think I look like an old hag, some think I look like a baby bun bun. I think I look like a mature bitch. Kind of fabulous and maybe even a little snooty.

I’m a woman in command and totally respected. This, I’ve noticed. Mostly when I’m… shopping. Yes. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s just in my head. Either way, back down bitches.

And this outfit is totally perfect for it. Chic, “I-could-be-stuck-up” pieces mixed with casual elements and playful colors. The only thing that suggests I might be nice is the color of my coat and super fun Daniel Wellington watch. I can never say no to pink + navy color combos.

BTW, it’s your last chance to get my favorite Daniel Wellington watch, just in time for the holidays! Take 15% off everything on danielwellington.com with code “holiday_bunniebar” and enjoy FREE shipping to anywhere in the world! Plus, order before December 17th and your watch will arrive in time for Christmas. I promise – it’s the perfect holiday gift. I’d want one, if I didn’t already have two.

And if you’re feeling extra generous to your loved bunnies (or to yourself), you’re going to want to get an extra strap… because you can’t have the full DW experience without a leather and nato strap. Unless you’re a loser. Just kidding… kind of. You’ll also get 15% off this, and free gift wrapping too. Sweet deal!



Photos: Bubby

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Perfect Holiday Gift… for ME
(or my bff) from me

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Have you ever gone Christmas / birthday / because I love you shopping for your BFF and noticed that really, you should be buying 2 of everything because you both love and totally need the same things? YES.

I’ve been scrounging the online world for gifts (for myself) lately. I’m on a total shopping binge… and the best way to satisfy that, other than buying everything I want (which I’m mature enough to know is a bad, bad idea), is to share it here so you guys can EEE and AHH!! with me.

Okay, I lie. 85% of these items I already have (so much for being mature) and 15% I’m lusting after. I did say this was about the perfect holiday gift… for me… from me, right?


  1. DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Winchester LadyI’m sure by now you know I have this. Between this pink Winchester strap and the brown Classic Bristol, my watch game is complete. Want it? For a limited time, get 15% off everything on DanielWellington.com with code “holiday_bunniebar“! Plus, they’re offering FREE worldwide shipping on all orders and FREE gift wrapping when you pick up an extra strap.dw-watches
  2.  JOE FRESH Foldover Riding Boots: I don’t love to wear boots… but there’s a time you start realizing that you’re going to die of frost bite if you don’t invest in a pair. I’m happy with these. Made in Italy. Leather. Versatile. $199. Oh yeah, so I have these too.
  3. REBECCA MINKOFF Amorous Satchel. THIS, I do not have…. yet. Because it’s on back order. But I did buy it. I love the size, and the structure of it – a little dressier but still super versatile. I snagged it in ink, but this color, is to-die-for. And on sale for $115 off!
  4. ZARA Wool Coat in Sky Blue. I’m in love with the color. That’s all I have to say. (And therefore, I also have it.)
  5. OLIVE + PIPER Harper Bracelets. These are my every day bracelets. I wear them… everyday. Alone. With my DW watch. Whatever it is, everyday.
  6. COOPERATIVE Structured Bucket Bag. How do you go wrong with this bag for $49? I don’t have this exact one, but I wish I did. I love the look more, plus it’s a better price. I’m not sure if this is a trend or it’s here to stay, so I’d suggest a more affordable one. ;)
  7.  ALDO Deloro Leopard Shoes. I have these exact shoes… in a different brand. And I LOVE wearing them with cuffed pants, and they go with everything. Leopard is the new neutral.
  8. GIGI NEW YORK Uber Clutch in embossed python? Yeah uh! I don’t have this. But if would love to have it. They have such amazing, quality products in gorgeous colors.


And there you have it. Looking over this, I think I’ve totally spent too much on me. Oops!



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